Training Data and Optimization by State

TC3 collects training-related data from each state in an effort to showcase utilization and training impact across the nation.

Each year TC3 distributes surveys to all states who engage with our program. The data collected from these surveys are valuable in analyzing how states are using our training, what the return on investment each state realizes, and how taking TC3 training translates to positive outcomes in your state. Below is an interactive map that highlights the advantages of our program. Select up to four states to compare data collected.

Remember, if your state financially contributes to the TC3, your “Contributing State” status grants you unlimited access to our curriculum! And, if your state is enrolled in the State Sharing Program, a benefit of financially contributing to the TC3, some of our training may already be on your state’s learning management system.

Contributing state enrolled in State Sharing
Contributing State
Non-Contributing State