Breaking New Ground in Technical Training

One of our program’s performance goals is to innovate new ways of training that benefit your agency. TC3’s Technology Initiatives Committee researches advancements in technology and seeks opportunities to implement their findings in our trainings.


We have launched more than 100 mobile on-the-job aids—including helpful checklists, guidelines, and glossaries—that can be downloaded and viewed on any device. Several micro-learnings are in production and offer short-term-focused strategies especially designed for skill-based education. We have also dedicated project funds to convert our existing trainings into a mobile-friendly format and are in the process of launching our first set of mobile trainings!

Here are some of the enhancements we've made to our curriculum and other training resources:

Mobile Training Performance SupportVideos COMINGSOON COMINGSOON Just-in-Time Video Library Customizable PrepaidTraining Subscriptions Virtual World Elements Micro-Learnings On-The-Job Aids