Measuring Training Performance

We understand the value in highlighting training impact across all facets of your department or agency.

Our Performance Measurements Committee works hand in hand with state DOTs and private industry partners to collect information related to usage, knowledge retention, skill increases, and other training-related data, to provide high-level training performance reports back to those who train with the TC3. Below, we've detailed the financial and training benefits of contributing to the TC3, how states are leveraging TC3 training, and how TC3 is constantly innovating to meet the industry's training needs.

Cost Savings

TC3’s shared resources approach allows states to reach their training performance goals.


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One of our program’s performance goals is to innovate new ways of training that benefit your agency.


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Skilled Workforce

Measuring knowledge retention, skill increases, and how our training is utilized across the country provides valuable information that informs training development.


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State Data

TC3 collects training-related data from each state in an effort to showcase utilization and training impact across the nation.


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Cost Savings

TC3’s shared resources approach allows states to reach their training performance goals despite tighter budgets, a shrinking workforce, and ever-changing technology. Over the last 10-plus years, TC3 has developed, converted, and updated more than 200 web-based trainings totaling more than 420 instructional hours of transportation-related instruction. For a $20,000 contribution to this AASHTO Technical Service Program, AASHTO member departments have unlimited access to the entire TC3 curriculum!

Leveraging TC3 training provides cost savings in several areas, including course development, travel, and learning management.

What $20,000 Buys a State On Its Own

Dedicated LMS with preloaded courses, technical support, and customizable on-demand reportsLMSRoughly $54,000 in annual LMS feesAbout half of the licenses, space to store courses, and technical support that you needLearning ManagementSystem (LMS)24/7Courses at your own pace and available 24/7,free travel sponsorship to the TC3 meeting.Roughly $1,000 in travel expenses each20 employee tripsTravel Fees for Training200+ONLINE COURSESACCESS TO ALLRoughly $9,500 per hourDevelop 2+ hours of trainingTraining Development FeesWhat Your State Gets with a TC3 PartnershipWhat your State gets on their own

Developmental Costs

About 2 hours of Instructional Training

($9,500 per hour)

Since our inception, TC3 has tracked all costs related to developing and supporting every course in the curriculum. Our numbers show that the average cost per instructional hour is $9,500. All trainings can be provided for upload onto your state’s LMS or can be taken for free on the TC3 LMS with a registered state DOT email address.


Travel Costs

Send 20 Employees to an Out-of-state, Instructor-led Training

($1,000 per trip)

Classroom training programs become very expensive very quickly. Training online with the TC3 allows employees to skip the costs of in-person professional development and train on their time.


Learning Management System Costs

Less Than Half of a Learning Management System

($50,000-plus Annual LMS Fee)

Our learning management system (LMS) costs more than $50,000 annually, and we absorb the cost so you don’t have to. Your state contact or subscription manager will work with TC3 LMS coordinators to troubleshoot issues with training, provide course files for your state’s LMS, and generate customizable training reports.


One of our program’s performance goals is to innovate new ways of training that benefit your agency. TC3’s Technology Initiatives Committee researches advancements in technology and seeks opportunities to implement their findings in our trainings.

We have launched more than 100 mobile on-the-job aids—including helpful checklists, guidelines, and glossaries—that can be downloaded and viewed on any device. Several micro-learnings are in production and offer short-term-focused strategies especially designed for skill-based education. We have also dedicated project funds to convert our existing trainings into a mobile-friendly format and are in the process of launching our first set of mobile trainings! Here are some ways we’ve already enhanced our growing curriculum and services:

Mobile TrainingPerformance SupportVideosCOMINGSOONCOMINGSOONCustomizable PrepaidTraining SubscriptionsVirtual World ElementsMicro-LearningsOn-The-Job Aids

Skilled Workforce

TC3 moved from a FHWA pooled fund to an AASHTO Technical Service Program in December 2015. TC3 launched its own public-facing learning management system in August 2016. Since the launch, we have seen exponential growth and improvement in the transportation industry’s skill development.

Course Registrations

State Contributors

Self-Reported Professional Development

State Contributors

When states financially contribute to our program, we have an increased budget to meet each state's training needs. Each year, more and more states have recognized the value of our program!

Contributing States432018Contributing States382017Contributing States302016

Course Registrations

Course registrations are a great way for us to know we're effectively reaching the technical transportation workforce, and we've seen a consistent increase in course registrations year over year!

42 percent increase in course registrations, reaching more than 44,000 participants42%2016 - 201737 percent increase in course registrations, reaching more than 31,000 participants37%2015 - 2016

Self-Reported Professional Development

At the end of our courses, trainees are asked to fill our an evaluation measuring course quality and content accuracy.
These evaluations help us better understand those taking our courses and track increases in knowledge and competencies.

2,743 total people surveyedReinforced Their Knowledge51%Increase In Knowledge49%20171,359 total people surveyedReinforced Their Knowledge52%Increase In Knowledge48%2016