Giving States A Stake In Training

TC3 provides a State Sharing Program for contributing states that wish to load courses onto their own LMS systems.

TC3 developed a State Sharing Program that provides the published TC3 trainings for internal state learning management systems (LMSs), state intranets, and other state training needs. The collaboration program started after AASHTO TC3 identified several states that have had LMS training requirements, technology limitations, or Internet restrictions. Distributing the trainings directly to the states guarantees that participants within those states can access training and information that otherwise may not available to them.

Participation in the TC3 State Sharing Program requires that your team provide us with quarterly participation numbers by course. Reminder emails will be sent out by the State Sharing Program coordinator to request this data each quarter. If you are interested in your state being part of the TC3 State Sharing Program, please respond to the questions below.

We are requesting a main point of contact as well as one to two additional backups. We want to be sure that we are always able to reach someone regarding the program.

Have questions about TC3’s State Sharing Program? Contact Kevin Monaghan.

Interested in participating? Please review and fill out the information below.

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