Comprehensive Training Solutions For A Skilled Workforce

TC3 develops and maintains a national curriculum for various transportation disciplines. This AASHTO technical service program also identifies training and certification requirements and leverages best practices across the country to determine how to best access and cost-effectively provide training through the following methods:

Core Curriculum Matrices

Skill-level competencies are mapped to training resources, and all training is reviewed by the TC3 Committee for Course Development and Distribution. Matrices are available for the following disciplines: construction, maintenance, employee development, materials, safety, and work zones.


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Online Courses

TC3 offers more than 190 online courses with additional courses planned as needs are identified. These WBTs were developed to support training weaknesses and gaps identified in the TC3 matrices. They fall under several categories, such as Pavements and Materials, Geotechnical, Construction and Maintenance, Highway Safety, and Site and Personal Safety.


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State Sharing Program

States that have their own Learning Management System (LMS) platforms or training requirements have the option to participate in TC3’s State Sharing Program, allowing states access to web-based trainings (WBTs). Contributing states then have the ability to load TC3 courses onto their own platforms for individual tracking and career development plans.

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Suggest a Course

Have an idea for a course you’d like developed? Or maybe you have course materials and resources you’d like to contribute? Complete the “Suggest a Course” form and the TC3 will consider your course for production!


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Additional Training Resources

In addition to providing technicians with excellent online training developed by the TC3, the council also offers additional training resources from state universities, departments, and agencies that may be informative and educational.


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