Progress Through Participation

TC3 is a volunteer-run organization and is always looking for volunteers to serve on each of its six committees. The following chart shows the tasks and minimal commitment for each committee.

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Monthly Commitment
Conference Call Frequency
Conference Call Length
Additional Information
Curriculum Management
  • Assist with solicitation and prioritization for new course development.
  • Review course material for new and existing courses.
  • Work on technical panels (TP) or assist in finding TP members for new courses.


2 – 5 hours Monthly 2 hours Volunteers can dedicate as little as 1 – 2 hours a month. It is the volunteer’s choice how much to participate.
Communications and Marketing
  • Review and help update website and mobile app content.
  • Review new marketing materials.
  • Distribute marketing materials and promote TC3 within your state.
  • Brainstorm new marketing tactics.
1 – 3 hours Monthly 1 hour  
Competency Matrix Implementation
  • Review competency matrices for any needed changes.
  • Map new courses to the appropriate subject area, discipline, and competency.
  • Work with the Curriculum Management Committee to identify new courses.
1 – 2 hours Less than once a month/as needed 1 hour

Subject matter experts are needed in the following areas:

  • Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Materials
  • Traffic and Safety
Partner Outreach
  • Discuss and identify new industry partners with which to engage.
  • Help to develop outreach and marketing messages and materials to distribute to potential partners.
  • Perform phone and e-mail outreach to potential partners.
1 – 2 hours Less than once a month/as needed 2 hours

The following volunteers are needed:

  • Individuals knowledgeable in training needs across the industry
  • Individuals with network contacts within national industry associations and groups
Performance Measurements
  • Collect, track, and report data.
  • Engage in strategic planning.
1 – 2 hours Less than once a month/as needed 1 hour  
Technology Initiatives
  • Research opportunities to utilize emerging technologies for training content delivery.
  • Determine the feasibility for implementing those technologies into existing TC3 applications.
  • Coordinate with other TC3 committees to select technologies used for course delivery.
  • Provide resources for implementation and evaluation of the TC3 LMS.
  • Survey states to determine use of various technologies including mobile and LMS.
1 hour or less Less than once a month/as needed 1 hour