Help TC3 Share The Message

TC3 relies on state champions in all states to help raise awareness for the organization and the training opportunities available to the frontline workforce.

Decision makers for training vary across states, so its imperative to have someone on the ground to make sure the right people are hearing the right information about these training options.

State DOT representatives (champions) are asked to take a lead role to promote the TC3 within each state. Responsibilities include:

  • Raise awareness and encourage the use of the TC3 resources at your DOT.
  • Support the TC3 mission with counterparts in your state.
  • Communicate important TC3 updates within your state.
  • Recruit subject matter experts to assist with course development.
  • Promote the TC3 curriculum as a valuable training resource to industry partners within your state, such as local agencies, consultants, and contractors.
  • Promote delivery of the TC3 curriculum through individual on-demand sessions, State Sharing on the state’s own LMS, and group showings that allow for participant discussion and the addition of state-specific content.

Promotion and awareness opportunities include:

  • Direct outreach to DOT technical staff and managers
  • Displaying TC3 materials in DOT training offices and on websites
  • Promoting TC3 at statewide technician trainings or meetings
  • Promoting TC3 resources at state or regional meetings/conferences with industry
  • Peer-to-peer networking including outreach to peers in non-contributing states

If you are interested in becoming a state champion, please contact Glenn Page.

State Champion Resources