Two TC3 Courses Available at No Charge Through October 2016

Have you been waiting to take advantage of TC3’s diverse curriculum? With more than 125,000 people in the technical workforce trained, now is a great opportunity to see how TC3’s training can impact you and your organization.

Both of these courses are available at no cost, and are a part of the newly launched Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series!

Introduction to Pavement Preservation

This 1-hour course covers the basics of pavement preservation. Topics discussed include pavement structure, distresses, and differentiating pavement preservation from preventive maintenance.

This training is ideal for highway construction and maintenance teams, specifically the highway workers and inspectors involved in the placement of pavement preservation treatments. Design engineers will also benefit from the online guide and the associated training.

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Pavement Preservation: Materials

This 2-hour course provides information on the materials used for preventive maintenance treatments. Topics covered in this course include materials comprising maintenance treatments, emulsions, and aggregates.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • List the materials used in preventive maintenance treatments for flexible and rigid pavements
  • Recognize the differences between asphalt cement and emulsions and their use in pavement preservation treatments
  • List the six physical properties of aggregates that affect the performance of preservation treatments
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