Thank You to the Annual Meeting Attendees—Presentations Posted

We want to thank everyone for your participation in last week’s annual meeting. With the strong attendance and excellent participation we feel this was an extremely successful meeting. We hope you all felt it was a good meeting and have received some good information to share back in your organizations. We appreciate your involvement during the meeting and your interest in the TC3 program. Your active participation made this meeting the success that it was.

Now the work begins as we continue to advance and promote the program and curriculum. We encourage each of you to actively execute your champion role in your organization and ask that you identify two specific TC3-related outreach actions you intend to perform within your organization within the next four to six months. It will be through our collective efforts that the TC3 will continue to grow and flourish. Please contact Mark Chaput and Chad Villarroel if you need any specific resources for your champion efforts.

As requested by many, we have included a number of the presentations shared at the conference in this post. The links to download the presentations are below:

TC3 Organization Overview
TC3 Overview – Annual Meeting FINAL

Marketing and Communications Presentation
2016 TC3 Marketing Update Presentation FINAL

LMS and Bookstore Presentation
TC3 LMS Bookstore Presentation_03302016_Final

Learning Technology Presentation
TC3 Learning Technology Presentation_04092016_Final

Curriculum Development Presentation
TC3 Curriculum Development Presentation_04092016_Final

Enterprise Architecture Presentation
eVision AASHTO TC3 Presentation 20160412 v4

Thank you very much for your commitment to the TC3 and the training of our workforce. We look forward to working with each of you.