TC3/AASHTO to Build New LMS

The Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3) is transitioning its online training curriculum to an AASHTO-based learning management system (LMS), currently under development. TC3’s training library currently contains more than 90 online training modules covering technical topics in the areas of construction, maintenance, and materials. That curriculum has been hosted by the National Highway Institute since 2008, and a transition plan has been developed to move the curriculum to a new AASHTO-based LMS anticipated to “go live” this summer. The move to a new LMS platform will be supported by the launch of a rebranded TC3 website. Mark Chaput, TC3 Vice-Chair, looks forward to the future of TC3 saying, “This is an exciting year for us as we continue to expand our base of resources and take steps to transition toward a self-sustaining program. We will continue to leverage technology for the benefit of those taking our courses as well as those who want to be involved in and grow TC3’s training program.” TC3 joined AASHTO as a Technical Service Program (TSP) in May 2013. Since then, the Council has reorganized the leadership structure, has developed a new strategic vision, and is continuing to grow the training curriculum as well as increase awareness of its training offerings for the technical workforce. Stay tuned for additional announcements as progress continues toward the launch of TC3’s new LMS and website.