TC3 First Annual Meeting – A Huge Success!

The week of February 23, 2014, marked TC3’s first annual meeting as an AASHTO Technical Service Program. The meeting took place in Greenville, South Carolina, hosting 40 participants. With more than half in attendance serving as new council members, the first day primarily focused on familiarizing the group with TC3 history, organizational structure and accomplishments; highlighting the recent transition to AASHTO. This featured presentations by Tom Byron, TC3 Chair and Florida DOT Chief Engineer, King Gee, AASHTO Director of Engineering and Technical Services, and Amy Lucero, FHWA Director of Technical Services.

Attendees participated in discussions regarding the TC3 committee structure. Through those discussions, two new committees were established to organize resources in Partner Outreach and New Technologies for consideration as we move into the future. Attendees also discussed “What’s In The Future?” for TC3, including curriculum expansion, increasing resources, strengthening and expanding industry partnerships, and the long term goal of becoming a self-sustaining program with TC3 managing the course offerings.

A sincere, thank you to the Executive Board for their work with the agenda; AASHTO staff for their work with meeting logistics, and the attendees for their interest and focus throughout the week.

We hope to see each of you at next year’s meeting!