TC3 Announces 90% of Curriculum is Now PDH Eligible!

TC3 has always provided a robust online construction, maintenance, and materials curriculum and is constantly looking for new ways to offer the best possible training to the technical workforce. TC3 is excited to announce that more than 90% of our 120+ courses now qualify for professional development hours (PDHs)! When a trainee takes a PDH-eligible course, the training hours can contribute toward continuing education for licensure renewal.

In support of this curriculum enhancement, the TC3 is offering both Maintenance of Drainage Features for Safety and Earthworks Series: Evacuation at no cost through the end of March!

Special Note: State DOTs that contribute annually to the TC3 as an AASHTO technical service program receive all training at no cost. All eligible employees must login to their AASHTO e-affiliate account to see a $0 cost for courses at checkout.

Maintenance of Drainage Features for Safety (1 PDH)

This course highlights common roadway drainage problems that can cause an unsafe condition and suggests inspection methods and corrective action. Maintaining roadway drainage is important for safety and for ensuring the long life of the roadway as it prevents erosion of the roadway, saturation of the subbase, and damage to roadway structures. The training is broken into two modules: 1) Effects of Drainage describes common roadway safety hazards and how to recognize drainage problems, and 2) Safe Drainage Features and Work Zones covers solutions to common roadway safety issues and work zone safety.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify problems created by ponding and standing water on the roadway;
  • Describe safety issues related to ditches and side slopes;
  • Describe how drainage features can become safety hazards;
  • Identify methods for identifying drainage problems;
  • Recall conditions to look for during field inspections;
  • Explain how to fix or prevent common roadway side slope problems; and
  • Describe work zone safety procedures.

This training is ideal for local road agency maintenance workers who want to understand the importance of maintaining and upgrading drainage features on their road system to avoid an unsafe condition. This training is not intended to be a design guide. Participants may want to contact their State Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) for more details on drainage design.

Earthwork Series: Excavation (3 PDHs)

Excavations of soil and rock are an integral part of highway construction due to the associated costs, safety concerns, engineering considerations, and short- and long-term performance expectations. This course provides an overview of the basic principles related to the requirements for proper excavation during a project. This training consists of four modules, which cover the equipment used to excavate soils, and the procedures, requirements, and special considerations for mass excavation, permanent cut slopes, and temporary trench excavations. This course also covers common problems and safety concerns associated with excavation.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain considerations and requirements for excavation;
  • Recall excavation safety procedures; and
  • Relate common issues and solutions associated with excavation.

This training is targeted to both agency and industry technicians that will be using earth materials as engineering materials on an earthwork project. This training is beneficial to anyone working on the project but is targeted to the intermediate to advanced technician. Excavation is the fourth part of the five-part Earthwork Series.