TC3 Launches Prepaid Training Subscriptions; No-Cost Course Through April 2017

Reduce Training Costs by Purchasing a Prepaid Training Subscription

For more than 8 years, TC3 has trained front-line technical transportation workers who specialize in the areas of construction, maintenance, and materials. Over 90% of our 120+ courses are recommended for professional development hours (PDHs). To date, more than 125,000 trainings have been completed, and TC3’s course library continues to expand and be updated to keep pace with new and evolving technologies.

TC3 is proud to announce that we now offer Prepaid Training Subscriptions, available for purchase through the TC3 Training Store. These subscription options allow organizations to purchase TC3 training courses at discounted prepaid rates for their employees or members, which results in cost savings on training. Available options include annual unlimited courses per-user and bulk-hour pricing.

AASHTO member states that financially contribute to TC3 as a technical service program already have unlimited TC3 training available for all employees and do not require a subscription.Create or log in to your free AASHTO e-affiliate account at to view the available subscription options or see your current hourly rate, which is based on your agency or organization information.

Installation and Inspection of New Guardrails Available at No Cost Through April 2017

This course, which is recommended for 2.5 PDHs, discusses the installation of new guardrail systems, including the most widely used guardrail heights. The general inspection process is also covered, including scenarios that show potential problems and their solutions.

The course is divided into two modules. Module 1: Guardrail Installation Systems and Placement covers 27- and 31-in. guardrail heights. The sections of a guardrail are discussed, as well as considerations for guardrail placement, including depth, soil support, deflection, etc. The considerations for median barriers are also explained. Module 2: New Guardrail Installation Inspection describes guardrail inspection and explains what should be documented along the way. Scenarios are presented for various guardrail installation situations.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Compare 27-in. and 31-in. guardrail;
  • Describe how guardrails are installed in standard sections, terminal end sections, curbs, and transitions;
  • List important considerations for guardrail placement (depth, post length, soil support, deflection, height, etc.);
  • Explain important considerations for the installation of median barriers;
  • Describe the general process for guardrail inspection, including reading and interpreting plans;
  • Explain what should be documented during new guardrail installation inspection (including in the inspector daily report/daily diary); and
  • In a given guardrail installation situation, explain what you would do next.