Moving TC3 Forward Together

TC3 has six committees that perform different tasks and duties on behalf of the organization. Each year, the committee chairs and volunteer members meet to develop a new work plan for that year. TC3 welcomes volunteers on all committees. If you are interested in volunteering for a specific committee, find out more here.


Partner Outreach Committee

The Partner Outreach Committee cultivates new and strengthens existing partnerships with national industry groups and organizations to increase resource contributions; curriculum marketability, standardization, credibility and expansion; and communication outreach and program performance feedback. The committee will accomplish these objectives through effective development and implementation of partner outreach strategies to provide access to more industry expertise and knowledge and resources.


Technology Initiatives Committee

The Technology Initiatives Committee works to establish requirements for a TC3 Learning Management System (LMS) and compatibility, mobile solutions, and training delivery methods. The committee investigates emerging technologies and the feasibility of integrating those technologies into existing applications and solutions. It works in concert with the Curriculum Management and Communications and Marketing Committees to determine which technologies will be utilized to support the promotion and delivery of curriculum and the communications activities of the TC3.


Jeff Tipton

Virginia DOT

Phone: 804-786-4643

Performance Measurements Committee

The Performance Measurements Committee obtains data to measure TC3 business results, state response to the financial solicitation, participation by states and other organizations, course use rates, and how well products meet the needs of AASHTO members and learners. It is instituting a system of performance improvement measures to ensure that products support state training and certification programs, the level of design is sufficient for easy adaptation, and that content is on target. The committee reports its metrics regularly to the Executive Board and other committees and works jointly with committees that will design and execute strategies for growth and improvement using the performance data. Eventually the measurements may expand to show the impact of courses on the national transportation infrastructure and to correlate cost savings to training.


Janice Arsenault

Maine DOT

SHS#16, Child St.
Augusta, ME 04333
Phone: 207-592-5598

Communications and Marketing Committee

The Communications and Marketing Committee boosts awareness of the TC3 through promotional materials, publishable editorial content, the TC3 website, presentations, and other print and electronic communications to expand the "footprint" of the TC3 among stakeholders and brand it as the resource of choice for highway construction, maintenance and materials personnel training and qualification. The committee works with other committees to establish message points to broadcast the activities of TC3 and its available products. This committee will work to ensure that agencies understand the benefits that can be derived from participation in TC3.


Kevin MacVittie

Colorado DOT

15195 South Golden Road, Building 43
Golden CO 80401
Phone: 303-512-5531

Competency Matrix Committee

The Competency Matrix Committee is made up of five team leaders and technical working groups in the categories of construction, maintenance, materials, safety/work zones, and employee development. Its purpose is to maintain and revise the matrix as needed: circumscribe the universe of available transportation-related courses, match them to matrix competencies and skill levels, identify the gaps, and use gap analysis to pinpoint needs for new training. The Committee is designing a methodology to evaluate courses according to their correlation to matrix competencies and skill levels, supported by the Curriculum Management Committee. It will continue to refine the existing curriculum matrices, and provide input on the potential need for expansion into additional technical areas.


Chris Anderson

Iowa DOT, retired

407 West State Street
Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641
Phone: 515-238-8042

Curriculum Management Committee

The Curriculum Management Committee is tasked with increasing stakeholder participation in course development and sharing practices. The committee assigns new course development activities to appropriate TC3 technical panels, provides process and standards to review courses provided by state highway agencies or other organizations, correlates courses to core competencies and skill levels met, identifies needed courses, prioritizes according to resources, and oversees course development. It establishes practices and protocols for making new and existing TC3 training available to transportation departments for use in their qualification programs.