Paving The Way For Our Transportation Technical Workforce

TC3 is a technical service program within AASHTO that focuses on developing training products for technical staff in the areas of construction, maintenance, and materials. TC3 has a library of more than 190 online training modules covering a variety of topics in the three primary disciplines. As a national resource, TC3 helps states, local government, and industry save money at a critical time of infrastructure investment through course development, web-based trainings, information, and resource sharing that is available at substantially reduced cost. All 50 state DOTs have used the TC3 web-based training resources, which are also being used by local governments, universities, consultants, contractors, industry, contractor organizations, and international groups.

It has been said that we are all in the business of building and preserving our highways. But how do we collectively build and preserve the best transportation workforce and infrastructure for today and tomorrow? The current economy demands that transportation agencies find creative solutions and cost-effective products to meet existing needs such as workforce training. TC3’s goal is to create and maintain a fully optimized curriculum to respond to the changing needs of the transportation technical workforce.


Develop, maintain, and provide effective access for a quality training curriculum to enhance the competency of the nation’s transportation technical workforce, with the focus on construction, maintenance, and materials.


Be the resource that the transportation industry relies on for job-related competency training, focusing on the construction, maintenance, and materials technical workforce.

We will achieve this by...

  • Collaborating with our partners
  • Developing quality, cost-effective training
  • Engaging appropriate subject matter experts
  • Avoiding redundancy by sharing training nationally
  • Ensuring the accessibility of all training

TC3 Documents

Please explore the following documents to learn more about TC3:

Who Does TC3 Benefit?

  • Training Managers: TC3 provides “first-step, one-stop shopping” to training managers.
  • Construction/Materials/Maintenance Engineers: TC3 increases the availability of cost-effective training in all skill sets, advancing the education of the state transportation workforce to enable it to deliver high-quality training at all levels.
  • Construction/Materials/Maintenance Technicians: TC3 helps technicians achieve a stable and efficient operating skill set, enhancing their goals and job performance and helping to advance their careers, as well as the personal rewards of their work.
  • Construction Managers: TC3 maintains a training database and core curriculum for the transportation workforce to ensure high-quality construction and maintenance that conforms to plans and standards.
  • Maintenance Managers: TC3 provides training courses for maintenance workers to keep the system in a good and safe operating condition to ensure maximum access, safety, and mobility.
  • Materials Engineers: TC3 provides training materials for technicians to ensure the use of high-quality, suitable materials in the construction and maintenance of the highway system.
  • Human Resource Managers: TC3 helps human resource managers prepare and maintain a workforce capable of meeting the agency’s continually changing challenges and new technologies by providing the latest information and training.
  • Local Transportation Agencies/MPOs: TC3 is a national resource that helps local agencies save money while reaping the benefits of optimal workforce development, including more productive and efficient construction and maintenance activity to deliver the highest-quality products to the roadway customer.